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Please do not share information about upcoming OLOC Zoom events on social media. This includes mixed group email forums or listserv groups to which you belong. Thanks for helping to maintain our Zoom events as safer Lesbian-only space.
If you have questions about your list, please contact info@oloc.org
OR zoom@OLOC-Chapters.groups.io.

Zoom Schedule

Zooms are only available to OLOC affiliates. Registration is required for all events. Registration links for OLOC Zooms are typically available three weeks before the event. Watch for the Zoom advertising emails! All events are closed captioned. Details are subject to change.

We need volunteers to assist with getting our Zoom information together so we can put it on the website. Contact mev@oloc.org.

NOTE: ALL dates and start times are tentative and listed in ET.
Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.

Closed Captioning is AVAILABLE  for ALL Zoom events.
Zoom events are only open to OLOC Affiliates

Panels and Presentations
These programs are open to all Lesbians except where noted.

OLOC Confronting Sexism: Fighting for Our Lives Series
An Anatomy of Institutions and their Impact on Girls and Women
Tuesday, April 18, 2023, 3:30 pm (ET and AT)
Session 3 begins an anatomy of institutionalized sexism starting with two institutions: Education and Healthcare. We will discuss how these institutions are organized and how their value systems impact women. And to understand the systemic sexism that envelops our lives.
Participants will share how they have experienced these two powerful institutions as workers within them and as recipients of their services.

We Have Something to Say: Elder Black Lesbian Writers
Thursday, April 20, 2023, 2:00 – 3:30 pm (ET)
Please join us for an exciting afternoon of readings by elder Black Lesbian Writers. These authors have had writings published for nearly 40 years. They represent many genres (poetry, performing art, mystery, fiction, essays, and more) across a broad range of topics. Each author will read something from her work followed by a discussion among the writers. Then, time permitting, we will then open for Q&A.

Presenting Authors include: Sharon Bridgforth (1958), Penny Mickelbury (1948), Shariananda Adamz (1946) – formerly known as SDiane Adamz-Bogus.
We also will have someone reading a selection by Ann Shockley (1927).
Download presenters’ bios >

End White Dominance — Doing the Work with Lisa Albrecht
Friday, April 28, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (ET)
Guest speaker Lisa Albrecht has devoted much of her life work to the education of “her peeps,” white people who she believes need to educate ourselves on how to challenge white supremacy and be advocates for racial justice.

End White Dominance — To Be Announced
Friday, May 26 (4th Friday of each month), 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm (ET)

Open Houses
Open to Old Lesbians only (participants can come and go at any time) unless otherwise noted.
Open houses are 90 minutes.

There are no open houses this month. Please check back for next month’s schedule.

Support and Discussion Groups
These groups are for affiliates (formerly called members) of National OLOC.

Lesbians of Color Discussion Group
The group meets by Zoom every third Wednesday of the month at 2:30 P.M. PT/5:30 P.M. ET. If you are an Old/Elder Lesbian of Color and would like to participate in the discussions, please contact Alí Marrero Calderón at ali@oloc.org.

ASL Chat
Meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday at 7:00 ET.

Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.
Send your email address to lrwinterberger@gmail.com or call 919-754-7006 to get the invitation to join.

Caregivers Support Group
This group is open to OLOC affiliates who are currently caregiving.
Meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 1:00 P.M. ET.

Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.
Co-Facilitators: Barb Ester, 1947, and Ruth Debra, 1944.This Zoom group offers opportunities to share experiences and ideas, difficulties and joys, so we can be the best at what we are doing. We understand that due to the nature of caregiving, there may be times you cannot make it or have to leave early. Enrollment is limited. Pre-registration is required.
Contact olocccZoom@gmail.com for information.

Widows Support Group
We currently have two groups, both full. If you would like to initiate and facilitate an additional group or be placed on a waiting list, please contact olocccZoom@gmail.com

Radical Lesbian Feminists Discussion Group
This group is currently full. A second group may be forming but we are still identifying co-facilitators and a techie. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please contact olocccZoom@gmail.com.

Please note: We have limited capacity for hosting additional groups. However, if you have suggestions or ideas, please contact olocccZoom@gmail.com.

Just as in OLOC face-to-face meetings and Gatherings, OLOC requests participants in our ZOOM and online events to use language respectful and considerate of others in all conversations.

If you have any questions, please contact oloccczoom@gmail.com (National Zoom events only) or Susan@oloc.org (End White Dominance programs only).

If you missed a past Zoom or would like to see one again…

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