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All OLOC Affiliates are welcome to join the At-Large Chapter in our lesbian book club. For more info click on Affiliates Portal

OLOC Mission Statement

OLOC represents Lesbian Elders in a spirit of inclusiveness to promote Lesbian visibility. We come together to preserve our herstory, to confront social injustice, and to give and receive support for our later years.

OLOC Vision Statement

OLOC is an inclusive, multicultural, rainbow of Lesbian Elders working in community for Social Justice, maintaining a Lesbian focus.

OLOC in Action

We are an international network of Old Lesbians in our 55th year or older, and our supporters, working to defy ageism in our communities and our country. We use education and public discourse as our primary tools.
Our international network is directed by a Steering Committee with the help of local chapters and many volunteers.
We hold biennial Gatherings allowing us to come together to share experiences and ideas.
We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Lesbian voice as well as increasing Lesbian visibility in a world that stifles Lesbian culture and threatens to erase it.

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change: An International Community of Lesbian Elders stands with #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHerName and all involved in the work for racial, economic, and social justice, including protesters all over the world calling for accountability in every country.

OLOC Works for Change by Supporting:

  • comprehensive immigration reform
  • elimination of violence against women
  • enactment of universal single-payer healthcare for all
  • an end to corporate “personhood”
  • an end to any curtailment of voting rights
  • the Black Lives Matter movement
  • the Say Her Name! movement
  • the civil rights of all indigenous people
  • efforts to achieve net zero CO2 emissions
  • efforts to reduce climate crisis impacts that fall disproportionately on the poor and vulnerable
  • reproductive justice for all

Dialogue Etiquette Statement

For all OLOC communications and events, you are responsible for your own contribution which means using “I” statements whenever possible. Each OLOC affiliate and supporter is to do your part in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all through your words and actions.

Please use respectful and considerate language at all times, which includes not using racial, ethnic, or any other slurs.

OLOC supports civil disagreements between participants and promotes reflective listening. Please note that individual opinions do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or attitudes of OLOC as a whole. (02/11/24)

“Their work even focuses on the housing needs of aging lesbians (which is quite important  to me personally) and on efforts to  embrace and demystify the word ‘old.’ They instill pride by their very existence.”
—Gaye Adegbalola, 66
Mother, Daughter, Educator, Activist
Founding Member of Saffire – the Uppity Blues Women

We’re excited to share that OLOC has earned a 2022 Silver Seal of Transparency with Candid (formerly GuideStar)! Now, you can support our work with trust and confidence by viewing our
#NonprofitProfile: guidestar.org/profile.

Join Us! Support OLOC

To join, renew, or give an
affiliation as a gift:

To join, renew, or give an
affiliation as a gift:

To make a donation, recurring, memorial, or honorary gift

NOTE: If you’re not comfortable using the online form you can download the mail in form.

Affiliates Portal

You will receive the Affiliates password when you join OLOC.
Affiliates are Lesbians who have reached their 55th year.
If you want to check your affiliation, please contact: info@oloc.org 

If you’re an affiliate who has lost the password email mev@oloc.org or info@oloc.org 

Interested in attending OLOC Steering Committee meetings as a guest? Click here.

OLOC is very grateful to the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation and Theresa Corrigan’s Feminist Lioness Fund for their generous support.

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