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It is with great pain that we are cancelling
this year’s in-person National Gathering.

The Steering Committee has heard from many that they will not be traveling because of the growing threat of a new COVID-19 virus. There is also the responsibility for the health of all of you. If even one attendee contracted COVID-19 at our Gathering, and particularly if anyone became seriously ill or died, we would be so deeply damaged in every way, as individuals and as an organization.

The Steering Committee will be working on building our strength and planning on a future fabulous Gathering. We love you all and hope you understand how difficult this choice is.

Instead, we are planning to offer Zoom Gathering-type events from Thursday, October 27 through Saturday, October 29. It will probably include a Lesbians of Color Day. The theme remains The Focus is Lesbian: Body, Mind, and Spirit and will include several engaging events. The Zoom Crew, the Gathering Program Committee, and the Steering Committee are working diligently to come up with a viable Zoom schedule for this online Gathering. Please hold the dates and watch this space for more information coming soon!

Dear Lesbians and Supporters of Lesbian Lives,

I came out as Lesbian in 1979. Since then, I’ve been an OUT and PROUD feminist Lesbian and social justice activist.

I heard about OLOC in the late 1990s when they held the National Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the  time, I was working at Amazon Feminist Bookstore (the one true Amazon). I was too young to join OLOC and had to be given special permission (because of my age) to sell books at the Gathering. I so longed to join this organization of feisty Old Dykes! I waited and waited. When I “came of age” (60 in 2015), the first thing I did was join OLOC. In 2018, I started a chapter in Rhode Island. Since 2019, when I was able to attend my first Gathering, I’ve been an active volunteer.

There are many ways in which being connected to OLOC has supported me, especially during these COVID-19 times. Through regularly meeting with our chapter, participating in Zoom events, reading the OLOC publications and the forum, and working with the Steering Committee on the Strategic Plan, I’ve been able to keep my radical feminist Lesbian strength and vitality.

OLOC helps me—and I know many others—to fight isolation and stay connected with other Old/Elder Lesbians. I remain hopeful for my future as an old woman fighting ageism in the midst of (and in spite of) this time of war, violence against women, on-going racism, and environmental and political crisis.

This is Give Out Month! From June 1 to June 30, please consider giving to OLOC and sharing this with all your friends and family. The funds raised from Give Out Day will be designated to translation services so that Spanish-speaking Old/Elder Lesbians can take fuller advantage of all that OLOC has to offer.

With gratitude for your generosity,

Mev Miller, 1955


OLOC is proud to announce that Elana Dykewomon, 1949, has been selected as the 2022 recipient of the Martin-Lyon Old Lesbian Pride Award! 

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OLOC Mission Statement

To eliminate the oppression of ageism and to stand in solidarity against all oppressions.

OLOC Vision Statement

OLOC will be a cooperative community of Old Lesbian feminist activists from many backgrounds working for justice and the well-being of all Old Lesbians.

OLOC in Action

We are a national network of Old Lesbians in our 55th year or older, and our supporters, working to confront ageism in our communities and our country. We use education and public discourse as our primary tools.

Our national organization is directed by a Steering Committee that works to keep OLOC thriving and running as smoothly as possible.

OLOC works to form and support local groups that will work in their own communities.

We hold biennial National Gatherings allowing us to come together to share experiences and ideas and recharge our energies for the tasks at hand.

We believe that we have a great deal of wisdom, experience, and strength to share with our communities as well as among ourselves.

We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Lesbian voice as well as increasing Lesbian visibility in a world that stifles it and threatens to erase it.

OLOC Works for Change by Supporting:

  • comprehensive immigration reform
  • elimination of violence against women
  • enactment of universal single-payer healthcare for all
  • an end to corporate “personhood”
  • an end to any curtailment of voting rights
  • the Black Lives Matter movement
  • the Say Her Name! movement
  • the civil rights of all indigenous people
  • efforts to achieve net zero CO2 emissions
  • efforts to reduce climate crisis impacts that fall disproportionately on the poor and vulnerable

Say Her Name
Old Lesbians Organizing for Change: An International Community of Lesbian Elders stands with #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHerName and all involved in the work for racial, economic, and social justice, including protesters all over the world calling for accountability in every country.