Alix Dobkin, This is What an Old Lesbian Looks LikeRemembering Alix Dobkin

August 16, 1940–May 19, 2021

Alix Dobkin, long-time OLOC Steering Committee member and Co-Director, passed on May 19, 2021. She was a tremendous influence on Lesbian community and culture over several decades, and was a fierce advocate for Old Lesbians. More About Alix…

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC) stands with #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHerName and all involved in the work for racial, economic, and social justice, including protesters all over the world calling for accountability in every country.

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Go Fund Me
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A Message from OLOC About the Pandemic
Rhode Island Zooms
OLOC Mission Statement
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OLOC Works for Change

Go Fund MeOld Lesbians Zooming into the Future

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OLOC has started a Go Fund Me campaign. In addition to needing funds for operating expenses, in order to expand membership we now offer American Sign Language translation during our zoom meetings and closed captioning for those with hearing loss. We welcome Old Lesbians whose first language is Spanish so we need money to pay for Spanish translations of our materials and interpretations of our meetings. Therefore, we come to you for your generous support.”


OLOC ha iniciado una campaña Go Fund Me. Además de necesitar fondos para gastos operativos, con el fin de ampliar la membresía, ahora ofrecemos traducción en lenguaje de señas estadounidense durante nuestras reuniones y subtítulos para personas con pérdida auditiva. Damos la bienvenida a Lesbianas Mayores cuyo primer idioma es elespañol, por lo que necesitamos dinero para pagar las traducciones al español de nuestros materiales y las interpretaciones de nuestras reuniones. Por lo tanto, acudimos a ti en busca de tu generoso apoyo.

¡GoFundMe Done Ahora!

ZoomZoom Schedule

Registration is required for all events. Registration links for OLOC Zooms are typically available three weeks before the event. Watch for the E-News or Zoom advertising emails! All events are closed captioned.

NOTE: ALL start times are listed in ET; please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.


Programs and Presentations
These programs are open to all Lesbians, except where noted.

Thursday, June 17
12:00 noon ET. Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.
End White Dominance—Topic: The Legacy of Margaret Garner: Inspiration for Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Part 2
Presented by Delores M. Walters, 1944.
60-minute small group discussion on themes raised in the presentation such as community, survival, and self-transformation.

Tuesday, June 22
4:00 ET. Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.
I Got on Zoom – Now What Do I Do??
Where’s the chat? How do I change my name? How do I see the closed captioning in a different place (or bigger)? How do I raise my electronic hand? How do I update my app? Do I need the app? These and your basic questions on how to be more comfortable using Zoom will be answered in this one-hour basic Zoom instruction class.
Presenter: Deirdre Knowles, 1947, with members of the Zoom Crew.

Thursday, June 24 — POSTPONED
New date: Thursday, Dec. 9.
Please watch for details.
Behind the Scenes in Women’s Music and Culture, The Early Years, Part 2: Distribution
Panel Discussion facilitated by Margie Adam, 1947, with panelists representing record labels, music distributors, bookstores, radio programming, and feminist publications.

Friday, June 25
4:00 ET. Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.
End White Dominance—Topic: Transportation
Presented by Patty O’Donnell, 1956.

Invitations will go out to all National OLOC members. Be sure to register if you are a member of National OLOC and want to come. Write with questions. For members only.

Thursday, July 8
7:00 – 8:30 P.M. ET  ** Open to OLD Lesbians only 
Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.
Presenter: Sarah Pearlman, 1935, with Sue Reamer, 1942
Let’s Talk about S-E-X
Sarah Pearlman will lead a program on sex and the Old Lesbian, addressing such topics as the effect of menopause on desire and orgasm, how aging affects sexuality, sex and the long-term Lesbian couple, the sexual/relationship issues and challenges facing the Old single Lesbian, and the importance of masturbation. Included will be discussion on planning sex dates and concepts such as simmering, willingness, and sexual novelty. Sarah’s talk will be followed by breakout groups and questions from the OLOC Zoom audience. 


Support Groups, CR, and Discussions
These groups are open only to OLOC members: 

ASL Weekly Chat
Meets every Sunday at 7:00 ET. Please use this Time Zone Converter for your area.
Send your email address to or call 919-754-7006 to get the invitation to join.

Widows Support Group Update
Second Group in formation – watch for details.

Caregivers Support Group
In formation – watch for details.

Old Lesbians with Disabilities Peer Support Group
The first group is now full. Second group is in formation; watch for details.

Open Houses
Open houses are 90 minutes.
Open to Old Lesbians (participants can come and go at any time).

There are no Open Houses scheduled for now. Please check back soon and watch your inbox!


Please do not share information about upcoming OLOC Zooms on social media. Thank you for helping to keep them a safe space for all of us.

A Message from OLOC about the Pandemic:

The coronavirus is having a tremendous effect on our all lives. Many of us have been instructed to shelter in place and stay in our residences as much as possible in an attempt to slow and stop the spread of the virus. This can pose a major problem for Old Lesbians, who are often already isolated. However, there is no need to despair! OLOC is still active and thriving. The only thing that has changed at this point is that we are not meeting in person. But the chapters and the Steering Committee are finding other ways to carry on, primarily by Zooming. We are also having exciting National Zoom programs for all members, some of which are open to everyone. So far, these have included panel discussions with Lesbian musicians and feminist bookstore workers (see below), which have been wonderful experiences for the hundreds of Lesbians who attended.

There is something that almost all of us can find some way to do: reach out to others, stay connected to those who are important to you, ask for help if you need it, and look into the many opportunities to help others, whether that be with practical or financial assistance, a friendly check-in, or simply a smile. Spread some kindness around! Make THAT contagious.

And if you are interested in another way to connect with other members, you can check out our online forum at

Please stay safe, everyone. You do not need to distance yourself socially from others, only physically! We are survivors and we will get through this.

OLOC Rhode Island Zooms!

The Rhode Island chapter is meeting biweekly via Zoom. “It’s been a relief, blessing, and touchstone support for all of us. We enjoy it a lot and are grateful to have this way to stay in touch!” — Mev

OLOC Rhode Island Zooms

Top l-r: Dee Bird (1951), Sally Hay (1950), Nancy Howard (1953), Mev Miller (1955), Deb Valletta, (1952). Middle l-r: Elda Dawber (1944), Cathy Gorman (1946), Marj Moskol (1932), Joan Dermody (1946). Bottom: Thea Ernest (1954)

OLOC Mission Statement

To eliminate the oppression of ageism and to stand in solidarity against all oppressions.

OLOC Vision Statement

OLOC will be a cooperative community of Old Lesbian feminist activists from many backgrounds working for justice and the well-being of all Old Lesbians.

OLOC in Action

We are a national network of Old Lesbians in our 60th year or older working to confront ageism in our communities and our country. We use education and public discourse as our primary tools.

Our national organization is directed by a Steering Committee that works to form and support local groups who will work in their own communities.

We hold biennial National Gatherings allowing us to come together to share experiences and ideas and recharge our energies for the tasks at hand.

We believe that we have a great deal of wisdom, experience, and strength to share with our communities as well as among ourselves.

Everyone will have her older life made better by the work we do.

We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Lesbian voice as well as increasing Lesbian visibility in a world that stifles it and threatens to erase it.

OLOC Works for Change by Supporting:

  • comprehensive immigration reform
  • elimination of violence against women
  • enactment of universal single-payer healthcare for all
  • an end to corporate “personhood”
  • an end to any curtailment of voting rights
  • the Black Lives Matter movement
  • the Say Her Name! movement
  • the civil rights of all indigenous people
  • efforts to achieve net zero CO2 emissions
  • efforts to reduce climate crisis impacts that fall disproportionately on the poor and vulnerable

Say Her Name