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The Foundations of Chicana Feminism – JSTOR Daily

Latina Feminism (s) from the Equality Archive (Latina feminism(s) (

Books & Articles & Websites

A Reader in Latina Feminist Theology: Religion and Justice by Aquino, Maria Pilar, Machado, Daisy, and Rodriguez, Jeanette

Theories of the Flesh: Latinx and Latin American Feminisms, Transformation, and Resistance edited by Andrea J. Pits

Feminisms in Latin America: Pro-choice Nested Networks in Mexico and Brazil by Gisela Zaremberg and Debora Rezende de Almeida

Chicana/Latina and Asian American Women and U.S. Mainstream Feminism

Feminism and Race in the United States by Sharin N. Elkholy

Feminst Theories from the Global South: Latin American and Decolonial Appoaches; March 2019 Conference: International Studies Association Congress

Chicana por mi Raza

30 Latina Feminist Heroes Whose Work Continues to Empower (

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