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Atlanta, October 5–9, 2016

Holiday Inn Airport North

Who We Are

We are a national network of Old Lesbians over age 60 working to make life better for Old Lesbians through support networks and by confronting ageism in our communities and our country using education and public discourse as primary tools.
Our national organization is directed by a Steering Committee that publishes a quarterly newsletter,The Reporter, and produces biennial National Gatherings where hundreds of us come together to share experiences and ideas and recharge our energies for the tasks at hand.
OLOC encourages Regional Gatherings and local chapters operating independently in their own communities.  We love sharing our wisdom, experience, strengths and laughs among ourselves and our communities.


Members are 60 years-old and over. We welcome supporters of any age. Supporters receive our quarterly publication the OLOC Reporter.

Please visit our membership/supporter page to sign up.

Doing Research?

Asked to participate in Research? See OLOC Research Criteria here.


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You can also mail donations to: OLOC P.O 5853, Athens. OH 45701 with a note.

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change

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OLOC National Steering Committee Statement Against Racism and Classism

For over a year, as a result of a meeting at the 2010 National Gathering, OLOC's Steering Committee worked on a statement against racism and classism. It was adopted in November of 2011. It may be revised in the future, but right now this is what tells the story, gives some goals and includes OLOC's vision.

Vision statement:
OLOC will be a cooperative community of Old Lesbian activists from many backgrounds. OLOC's priorities will be to challenge and oppose ageism, racism, classism, sexism and ableism. OLOC will collaborate with other organizations doing the work of social justice. OLOC will use its power and resources to advance the just world we all envision. OLOC will seek leadership from Old Lesbians of Color and Old Lesbians of a variety of class backgrounds in these efforts to address multiple oppressions, including as advisors to and members of the Steering Committee.

Like Lesbian Poetry?

Sales of this one benefit OLOC.  Lesbian Jottings: 1970-2010 by Sharon Deevey (1944) is a collection of 46 poems compiled for a senior center project in Columbus, Ohio, as a fundraiser for OLOC. Print copies are available (in a limited edition of 40) for a $10 donation to OLOC plus $3.00 postage.  Lesbian Jottings is also available online at Julie Enszer's site, www.lesbianpoetryarchive.org/node/243.
For more information, or to order a print copy, contact Sharon at sdeevey@columbus.rr.com.

Action Alert

2013 Support single payer national health insurance and having Medicare include hearing aids and dental care


Our long term projects:

The Arden Eversmeyer
Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project

We are collecting the herstories of Lesbians 70 years and older before their stories are lost forever.

They are an invisible population who were strong enough to live their lives and love whom they wanted in a hostile society. The project will include Lesbians with backgrounds ranging from blue-collar women to those with visible high-profile careers.
Visit the Herstory Project page for more details.

In Remembrance

OLOC is committed to remembering the lives of Old Lesbians. Find out how you can memorialize your favorite Old Lesbian friends and mentors who have died.  more about this project

Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award

OLOC gives the award to Old Lesbians whose lives and work benefit Old Lesbians. See more here

OLOC’s Steering Committee welcomes constructive feedback and suggestions from members by way of mail, phone, or e-mail.
OLOC • P. O. Box 5853 • Athens, OH 45701
email: info@oloc.org or call: 1-888-706-7506

OLOC is supported in part by grants from E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.

©OLOC 2015-2015

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