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OLOC 2017 National Gathering –
Planning Meeting in Tampa Florida
October 23, 2016, Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore
Great hotel rates – Stay posted for more information

ATT: Florida Lesbians – or those who might want to drive to Tampa. OLOC’s Steering Committee is looking for help and ideas in planning the National Gathering for the summer of 2017. We will be in Tampa at the Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore for our fall meeting and are arranging to get together with those of you who are interested on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 1:30 PM.

We’ll have some snacks and beverages and are looking forward to meeting with you. If you are interested in volunteering you do not have to be in your 60th year.

This is going to be fun! Please RSVP to me, Ruth Debra, at or 760-318-6794. Or just show up. Also – if you want to spend the night, please let me know. There will be a few rooms available at the special rate of $109/night for that weekend only.

OLOC in Action

OLOC Vision Statement

OLOC will be a cooperative community of Old Lesbian feminist activists
from many backgrounds working for justice and the well-being of all Old Lesbians.

OLOC Mission Statement

We are committed to eliminate the oppression of ageism and to stand in solidarity against all oppressions by:

  • addressing what it means to be Old and to be Lesbian
  • finding ways to gather groups of Old Lesbians together for ongoing support
  • working against all oppression that affect Old Lesbians
  • standing in solidarity with allies for racial, economic and social justice

June 18, 2016

Dear Old Lesbian Sisters,

We are writing to you all to say… let’s stick together rather than separate. Of course we are very sad at the cancellation of the National Gathering to have been held in Atlanta.

But our disagreements have kept us apart for too long.

OLOC stands for Old Lesbians and we are not going to change. Old Lesbians are the focus and the delight of OLOC. Our stories, our herstory, and our lives are important.   As an organization that has spoken for Old Lesbians for 25 years we will continue to voice the concerns, passions, and interests of Old Lesbians.

Are we saying Old Lesbians too much? Not at all. It will take all of us to get the needs and desires of Old Lesbians met.   We need to stick up for ourselves and not allow anyone to say our issues are not important. The issue of ageism for Old Lesbians is critical. If men were the majority of who gets social security, there would be no question of its importance. Old Lesbians face many more critical issues as we age because so often we are alone. Old Lesbians need community. The culture needs to change if Old Lesbians are to survive. Who will take up that banner? OLOC.

When a people are oppressed they need to come together to heal and to survive.

OLOC has never asked for Old Lesbian credentials and never will. Our commitment is to the experiences and needs of Old Lesbians. You all are members of the tribe. You all are members of the people called Lesbian.

Please come together in OLOC. We have work to do


Sally Tatnall                                                              Alix Dobkin

Co-Director of OLOC                                              Co-Director of OLOC

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Find It Here   Ageism; Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoirs; Essays; Fiction and Poetry; General; Periodicals; Sociology and Psychology; Videos  

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