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OLOC Vision Statement

OLOC will be a cooperative community of Old Lesbian feminist activists
from many backgrounds working for justice and the well-being of all Old Lesbians.

OLOC Mission Statement

We are committed to eliminate the oppression of ageism and to stand in solidarity against all oppressions by:

  • addressing what it means to be Old and to be Lesbian
  • finding ways to gather groups of Old Lesbians together for ongoing support
  • working against all oppression that affect Old Lesbians
  • standing in solidarity with allies for racial, economic and social justice

OLOC in Action


We are a national network of Old Lesbians over age 60 working to confront ageism in our communities and our country. We use education and public discourse as our primary tools.

Our national organization is directed by a Steering Committee that works to form and support local groups who will work in their own communities.

We hold biennial National Gatherings allowing us to come together to share experiences and ideas and recharge our energies for the tasks at hand.

We believe that we have a great deal of wisdom, experience and strength to share with our communities as well as among ourselves.

Everyone will have her older life made better by the work we do.

We are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Lesbian voice as well as increasing Lesbian visibity in a world that stifles it and threatens to erase it.

OLOC works for change by supporting:

·        comprehensive immigration reform

·        elimination of violence against women

·        enactment of universal single-payer healthcare for all

·        an end to corporate “personhood”

·        an end to any curtailment of voting rights

·        the #Black Lives Matter and Black Women’s Lives Matter movement

National Gathering 2017 Resources

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Del Martin

Del Martin

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