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* The Video Library will be updated by December 14, 2008. Check back there is a lot of new Media

OLOC’s Video Library

Here are the videos we now own and make available to you. Rental
cost is $5.00 within the U.S, no matter which format, and you will be able to
keep them for 2 weeks. For outside the U.S., contact Susan for cost.
Check in with Susan before making any donations of videos.
Remember that we focus on Old Lesbians, though we may have a
few that feature young ones or Old Women who may or
may not be Lesbians.
We will tell you of any new acquisitions, in each issue of the
Reporter. You may also request a list by email from or by
sending a self-addressed-stamped-envelope (SASE) to Susan Wiseheart,
HC 73 Box 169C, Drury MO 65638.

Documentaries on DVD

All Aboard: Rosie’s Family Cruise. No Old Lesbians that I saw, but still a
moving film of 100s of gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight families who join
Rosie and her family on a cruise from New York to the Bahamas and back.
DVD 91 minutes. 2006

Barbara and Tibby: A Love Story in the Face of Hate. They had been
together for 39 years when this was made. A law passed in Virginia in 2004
led to them leaving their home to escape oppression as Lesbians. Gaye
Adegbalola featured. Gaye’s partner Suzanne Moe made the film. DVD 38
minutes. 2004

Ellen Spangler & Mary Alice Stout: Alapine Village Interviews with OLOC
members Ellen and Mary Alice about their lives and their present home at
Alapine Village with an emphasis on building Lesbian community and
building environmentally sound houses. Part of a series about Lesbian
Landykes that is underway by Lesbian and Landyke Documentary Media
Projects. DVD 110 minutes. 2006

High Heels on Wheels: One of eight “outstanding Lesbian Short Films” on
She Likes Girls 2, distributed by Wolfe Video, Donna Cassyd (OLOC
member) and Leslie Sloan document Lesbians of women’s roller derby
from the late 60s and early 70s. DVD 11 minutes. 2005 The other shorts do
not feature Old Lesbians but are interesting and engaging. The entire DVD
is 129 minutes. Compilation made in 2008.

In The Life: Documentary stories from the gay experience: The Best of In
The Life 2006-2008 The 16th and 17th seasons of this Emmy-nominated
news magazine featuring seven shorts on various topics, including (Old
Lesbian) Kate Clinton interviewing Margaret Cho on the presidential race
and other things and one on Caffe Cino, which in the late 50s and early
60s in Greenwich Village was a vibrant meeting place for the gay
community, the beginning of independent theater, and has interviews with a
couple of Old women who are most likely Lesbians, though it mostly
features men, as it did in its day. DVD Episodes range from 7 to 18 minutes
for a total of approximately 92 minutes. 2008.

Look Us In The Eye: The Old Women’s Project Features many Old
Lesbians, along with some other old women. It’s the story of the activist
project in San Diego and there are many great anti-ageist quotes within it.
DVD 25 minutes. 2006

Maggie Growls: An entertaining look at the legacy and advocacy of the
Gray Panthers' Maggie Kuhn. Although Maggie was not a Lesbian, her life
was an inspiration to activists of all ages. DVD 56 minutes. 2002.

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible Shows members of a group
of “white” people telling stories of how they have worked to “gain insight
into what it means to challenge notions of racism and white supremacy in
the United States”. Not focused on Old Lesbians, but of deep interest to all
of us. DVD 50 minutes. 2006

One Wedding and A Revolution: The day San Francisco said I do. A Debra
Chasnoff film about the marriage of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin in San
Francisco in 2004. Touching and informative story of the decision on the
part of Mayor Gavin Newsome to carry out justice. 2004 DVD 19 minutes.
Senior Beat A Madison Wisconsin program on public television which
addresses, in two segments, old and young LGBT concerns. A good look at
what issues Old Lesbians are thinking about compared to young ones as
well as the ones that affect both groups. DVD 30 minutes. 2007.

Still Kicking: Six artistic women of Project Arts and Longevity in San
Francisco. “Very old women, still active artists, living with zest.” No out
Lesbians, but fascinating women with a variety of interests. DVD 36
minutes. 2006

Winnie Freed: Alapine Village An interview with OLOC member Winnie,
who lives in a Lesbian village and talks about why she does and about how
they address issues of aging plus tells stories of her life. Part of a series
about Lesbian Landykes that is underway by Lesbian and Landyke
Documentary Media Projects. DVD 91 minutes. 2006

Drama on DVD

Mrs. Steven’s Hears the Mermaids Singing: A movie based on the novel by
May Sarton, which was at least somewhat autobiographical. Compared to
Masterpiece Theater in terms of quality and pacing. DVD 120 minutes.

Strangers in Good Company: The Film Board of Canada classic about a
group of women stranded together on a bus trip and how they cope and
interact. One is an out Lesbian (in the story and in life) Mary Meigs (now
deceased). DVD 105 minutes.1990

Documentaries Available on both VHS and DVD: Specify format when ordering

Golden Threads: The story of the founding of Golden Threads featuring
founder Christine Burton, with footage of the summer Golden Threads
events in progress VHS and DVD 57 minutes. 1997

Last Call at Maud’s: “An entertaining…engaging…informative…incisive look
at lesbian social revolution.” The story of the life and times of the world’s
longest running lesbian bar, San Francisco’s Maud’s. More than a few Old
Lesbians were acquainted with this cherished landmark. Los Angeles
Times. VHS and DVD 77 minutes. 1983

Living With Pride: Ruth Ellis @100 The story of Ruth’s life as a Lesbian in
Springfield, Illinois and Detroit. Born in 1899, she was at one time the
oldest “out” African American Lesbian VHS and DVD 60 minutes. 1999.

No Need to Repent: The Ballad of Rev. Jan Griesinger This is a Janauthorized
copy of a film made about one of OLOC’s present co-directors.
An inspiring and moving look at her activist life. It’s fun to see her at various
ages, too. VHS and DVD 27 minutes. 1989

Project Visibility: A film to bring awareness and a face to the issues of aging
as an LGBT and partially funded by Northern Colorado OLOC, it is for
those who provide service to LGBT Elders. Includes a manual, a 39-slide
power point presentation with many facts and the film. Film is available in
both DVD and VCR and is 22 minutes. 2004

Radical Harmonies: Many Old (and some young) Lesbian musicians
(including lots of Alix Dobkin) appear in this story of “the movement that
exploded the gender barriers in music”, Women’s Music. Available in both
DVD and VHS. 90 Minutes. 2002

Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House Billed as the hilarious and
heartwarming story of the Lesbians (yes, they are part of OLOC!) who
made history in New York City by winning a lawsuit instituting domestic
partner benefits for all New York City employees. VHS and DVD 55
minutes, 2002

Some Ground to Stand On: Features Blue Lunden, a working class activist
who, beginning in the 1950s, was involved with lesbian, feminist and antinuclear
movements. Filmed by Joyce Warshow, who also worked on a film
about Shevy Healy. VHS and DVD 35 minutes. 1998

West Coast Crones: A Glimpse Into the Lives of Nine Old Lesbians Yes,
indeed, exactly as it says and at least five of them are or were OLOC
members. Given to us by Lucille Frey. A real treasure. VHS and DVD
Approximately 30 minutes. 1990.


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