Past Zooms 2023


Confronting Sexism — Male Supremacy: Facts and Fictions
Tuesday, March 21 (2nd Tuesday of each month), 3:00 pm (ET)
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It’s a story that has dominated humanity for 6000 years. How have you “heard” it? How has the story affected you and our society at-large? How is this narrative both true and false? Can we change the story? What would we change, and how?

Memorial Celebration Jan Griesinger 1942-2022
Monday, March 6, 4:00 pm (ET)
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A long-time Steering Committee (SC) member and Co-Director of OLOC, Jan Griesinger was a great asset to OLOC.
As a memorial — and to celebrate her life — OLOC is hosting a film. No Need to Repent: The Ballad of Rev. Jan Griesinger (1987) shows Jan’s activism and passions.
(**NOTE – the film is not closed captioned — but we expect/hope the Zoom captioning will work to make CC happen.)

After the film, we invite those with memories of Jan to share those thoughts.

Honoring and Celebrating Black Lesbian EldersEnd White Dominance — Honoring and Celebrating Black Lesbian Elders
Friday, February 24
For this End White Dominance session, we ask those who attend to tell their own stories about being a Black Lesbian Elder, and any of the other attendees to choose and share a Black Lesbian Elder that you would like to honor and celebrate, either living or who have passed.

Confronting Sexism: Fighting for Our Lives
3rd Tuesday of each month…
Begins: Tuesday, February 21
TOPIC: What Is Sexism?
How has sexism affected your life through the years?



Janie Whited (1956–2019), Corky Culver Collection

Old Lesbians’ Home Movies
Thursday, January 26, 2023
With the help of many Old Lesbians, Lesbian Home Movie Project (LHMP) has collected, preserved, and documented Lesbian home movies and amateur films & tapes for almost 15 years. Now the largest archive of its kind, LHMP holds many films and tapes contributed by OLOC members including Corky Culver, Emily Greene, Merril Mushroom, Susan Wiseheart, and Terry Grant.
In this zoom, LHMP shares clips — Lesbian variety shows!  dances! cronings! weddings! gay games! raising walls! planting! pride marching! — while several of the wonderful women who shot & preserved the footage talk about the clips and what still needs finding.
Facilitated by Sharon Thompson (1942) and Rose Norman (1949).
Download the Old Lesbians’ Home Movies Report