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Dr. Ronni Sanlo, playwright, author and LGBT historian.You DO Have the Last Word: Writing Your Own Obituary
Tuesday, March 29

Your obituary is a mini-memoir of who you were and how you lived your life. This mini-workshop took the elements of memoir writing to help guide you with writing your own memoir rather than leaving it to someone else. It’s YOUR life; you should have the last word!
Author Dr. Ronni Sanlo, 1947, led this fun workshop on writing your life.

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Women of Color Suffragists

“I am a free-born citizen of America and by the 14th amendment of the US Constitution I shall not be denied the right to vote because of race, color, or sex, and I will not move until I have been registered.” —Indiana Tuggle Little

End White Dominance —Topic: Women of Color Suffragists: Racism and the Right to Vote
Friday, March 25

Participants learned about the lives of Women of Color Suffragists. There is a history of suffrage that does not start with white women and one that really deals with the racism of the suffrage movement. African Americans, Native Americans, Latinas, and Asians were denied the democratic process and excluded from the movement, so they organized in their communities and nationally for the right to vote.
Event was recorded and will be placed on this site.

Panel: Learn Our History and Repeat It!
Tuesday, March 8 – Celebrate International Women’s Day

In early 1971, independent women’s groups—including many Lesbians—in both New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts, took over and occupied buildings to create women’s centers. These actions raise many questions about feminism, organizing, and social movements which are still critical for us today.
On March 8, International Women’s Day, OLOC hosted a panel presentation with women who were involved in each action. Links to the documentary about the Cambridge action called Left on Pearl and a shorter film about the 5th Street takeover were provided prior to the panel discussion.
Panelists: Susan Sherman, 1939; Rochelle Ruthchild, 1940; Susan Jacoby, 1948; and Reeni Goldin, 1948. Moderated by Zinetta Hope, 1998.

Women of the Harlem Renaissance: A Multimedia Presentation
Thursday, February 24

Women of the Harlem Renaissance: Multimedia Presentation by Joejet HarperAfter World War I, Black people flocked to New York City from the American South and the Caribbean Islands. Many settled in Harlem, and from 1918 to the mid-1930s, they created a cultural, artistic, and intellectual revolution that influenced other artists around the world. At the time, it was called The New Negro Movement, and many brilliant women were a part of it. Who were they, and what did they do? In this presentation, we’ll talk about the experiences and unique talents of a number of these women—many of them Lesbian or bisexual, all of them groundbreaking. Join us for a glimpse into this historic, dynamic era and into the lives of the amazing Black women who shaped it.
Presented by Jorjet Harper, 1947.
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My Favorite Lesbian Book Is…
Monday, February 7

Lesbian BooksA February book discussion for avid Lesbian readers and even those not so avid!  Name your book, with author and relevant info, in the chat; tell us why in person. It’s the month of romance–or not–so let’s talk about books.
Facilitated by Christine Pattee, 1941, and Sue Reamer, 1942.

Click here for recommended titles from the chat participants.
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Landykes putting siding on a houseLandykes: Women’s Land Communities, Part 2
Thursday, January 20, 2022

In part 1 (November 18, 2021) we learned about some herstory and experiences of Landykes. Would you like to visit Lesbian Land? In part 2 we learned more from Landykes telling us about women’s land communities that are actively seeking visitors and/or residents. Panelists described their own land groups, as well as others. Presenters included: Barbara Lieu,1945; Bethroot Gwynn, 1941; Blanche Jackson, 1940; Jae Haggard, 1947; Musawa, 1944; Nancy Vaughn, 1945; Diana Rivers, 1951; Pelican Lee, 1947; and Treechild, 1959.
A Women’s Land Contact List (sent electronically as PDF or Word document) with information about 44 communities (including all of the panelists) is available for OLOC members from It is also available to Lesbians only from Maize, which publishes the Maize Country Connections Directory with 150 lands; contact This program was recorded and the video will be posted right here soon.
Facilitated by Rose Norman, 1949, and Janet Holstine, 1949.

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Two songs were played during the photo PowerPoint. Here are the lyrics. 


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