Study about Your Experiences of Cancer and Cancer Care

The Out with Cancer study would like to hear about your experiences of cancer and cancer care. This international study—the world’s largest—is being run by Western Sydney University (Australia) with six partner organizations.

If you are an Old Lesbian and have ever had cancer, or medical intervention to reduce cancer risk, they would like to hear from you. They would also like to hear from your partner(s), family members, and friends who supported you during cancer, as well as from Old Lesbians and other LGBTQI+ people who have ever cared for someone with cancer.

Our communities are described as an invisible diversity in cancer care and often have unique needs during and after cancer. The researchers would like to hear how this was for you, including about your wellbeing, social support, relationships, and experiences with the healthcare system. They will use this information to develop better support for LGBTQI+ people with cancer and their carers [caregivers].

To take part, go to You can either complete the confidential online survey, sign up to be interviewed, or both. If you take part in an interview, you also have the option of a further photo-interview, using photos taken by you to guide the discussion. Participation is open through December 2020.

If you would like to speak to one of the researchers please email


Download the Cancer Study Flyer

This study has been approved by Sharon Raphael, 1941, OLOC’s Research Gatekeeper.