OLOC Chapters


We are so glad you’ve decided to organize for Old Lesbians.

So many Old Lesbians are isolated, and OLOC is committed to leaving no Old Lesbian behind as we make a better world for us all.

OLOC–Old Lesbians Organizing for Change–through social, emotional, spiritual, and political activities–recognizes, empowers, and facilitates a safe and supportive community by and for every Lesbian 60 years and older.

Connecting coast-to-coast through an organization celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019, OLOC organizes local chapters that determine their agendas and plan actions and activities congruent with OLOC’s mission and procedures, using consciousness raising and consensus.



Begin with a meeting of Old Lesbians. OLOC Steering Committee members are available to work with you on chapter development. We will come to your community, make a presentation about OLOC, and respond to any questions that you may have.

We suggest that you begin with a consciousness-raising process. The Old Lesbians gathered will talk about their lives and how they feel about the aging process. Hand out information on ageism. What are the challenges they face and what kind of support do they need? This will be related to identifying how ageism creeps into all our thoughts. Women already know about ageism in many forms, but may not realize what an impact it has on how they currently feel about themselves and their ability to act on their own behalf.

Develop an e-list for communication. Develop community contacts for outreach so that all Old Lesbians can be included.



Up until now, chapters have had a lot of autonomy. Our growing size and the independence of chapters/local groups make it necessary to be aware of rules that National OLOC must live up to. Because of our tax-exempt status, local groups/chapters have certain obligations. So if you are using OLOC as your name:

  1. You must follow the mission and vision of OLOC.
  2. You must follow the articles of incorporation.
  3. You may not promote any electoral candidate.
  4. If you have members under 60 years of age, you need to tell them they cannot attend a National Gathering at this time.
  5. Your members must be Old Lesbians.

Each chapter/local group will be sent a copy of the articles of incorporation as well as the by-laws detailing the relationship between national and others.



If you would like to know more about starting a local OLOC chapter in your community, contact Bonnie@oloc.org if you are east of the Mississippi River, and Ruth@oloc.org if you are west of it. They will be happy to help with organizing and answering any questions you might have!