Bay Area OLOC

The picnic in July was a huge success!

We have had two in-person picnics, one in July and one in September. Because the July picnic was our first opportunity to see one another, there were over 60 women there!  We were overjoyed! The picnic in September had about half as many attendees but those present were equally overjoyed and appreciative.

Bay Area OLOC provides Old Lesbians with the opportunity to meet like-minded women in our common goal to challenge ageism, to share mutual interests, and to experience the joy and warmth of playing and working together.

BAOLOC chapter has kept busy over the past year with Zoom workshops on Racism and a Zoom salon of our members’ writings, art and music. The most popular Zoom interactions have been with our Tuesday weekly Zoom meetings. There are usually 16-20 participants in these meetings from all over the Bay Area, including the coast and those who live many miles north of the San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley center of activities. Our chapter has been doing this for just about the entire pandemic and have all gotten to know one another much better. Most would like to continue this meeting when the pandemic ends!

We promote the visibility and pride of Old Lesbians. We celebrate our strengths, our talents, and our diverse life experiences.

We raise our voices against injustice of all kinds: racism, ageism, and homophobia.

We are a proud and active presence in social justice activities. Many of us are life-long activists and we appreciate working with other groups on today’s issues.

We call ourselves OLD with pride because we will no longer accommodate ourselves to language that implies in any way that “old” means inferior.

Bay Area OLOC organizes six events each year in addition to one-time-only activities as energy permits.

  • RETREATS: 2 nights at a camp in the Napa woods in May and September.
  • Three all-day GATHERINGS held in various locations in the Bay Area.
  • A PICNIC held in an accessible park.

All of our events accommodate the hearing impaired and differently abled. Fees are based on each woman’s ability to pay.

We publish a newsletter six times a year preceding our scheduled events. We maintain this web page at