Important Airport and Hotel Information!

Please note that there are two airports in Columbus. The one that runs a free shuttle to our hotel is John Glenn - CMH. The other airport, Rickenbacker, is 27 miles away and offers no transportation unless you have a phone that can call a ride sharing service -- no rental cars, and taxis must be pre-arranged.  And there are also two hotels with the same name! We will be at the Embassy Suites Hilton on Corporate Exchange Drive, NOT the Airport Embassy Suites.

Hotel reservations can be made at http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/C/CMHCEES-OLC-20190818/index.jhtml. Telephone 614-890-8600.
If you have questions or need help with hotel problem-solving, the one with all the answers is Ruth Debra, 760-318-6794, Ruth@oloc.org.

Registration for the Gathering will be accepted at the door, as will room reservations, if they are available. There are no more accessible rooms (but shares may be available; those rooms hold four Lesbians).

2019 National Gathering
Old Lesbians Resist and Persist

August 21–25, 2019
Embassy Suites Hilton Hotel
Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus, Ohio


Wednesday, August 21, will be the second Lesbians of Color Day,
How Do You Resist/Persist and What Are Your Plans for the Future?
following the very successful first Intensive in Tampa, Florida in August 2017.
It is free and for Old Lesbians of Color only.
The full Gathering will open to everyone later in the day.


More About Keynote Speaker and Entertainers...