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"OLOC Demonstrates with Grandmothers Against the War, Oakland 2006." (photo by Cathy Cade)


WHAT IS AGEISM? Ageism is a social disease. ARE YOU AGEIST? Do you consider “young” a compliment and “old” a derogatory synonym for ugly, decrepit, out-of-date (“You don’t look your age.”)? Do you speak/do for an Old Lesbian instead of letting her speak/do for herself and assume she needs help? Do you view an Old …

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Sharon Raphael


AGEISM AND LESBOPHOBIA: OVERVIEW FOR PANEL BY SHARON RAPHAEL, PH.D., 65 OLOC is in an unusual position to carry on the tradition of its founders and early pioneers, women like Barbara MacDonald, Baba Copper, and Shevy Healey, who saw prejudice toward Old people from the unique position of being feminists and Lesbians. Standing outside the …

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