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Begin with a gathering of old Lesbians.

Have a CR process so the Lesbians gathered will talk about their lives and how they feel about the aging process. Hand out info on ageism. What are the challenges they face and what kind of support do they need. This will be related to identifying how ageism creeps into all our thoughts. Women already know about ageism in many forms but may not realize what an impact it has on how they currently feel about themselves and their ability to act in their own behalf.

How do you feel about aging, what are the major issues in your life and how do you feel about dealing with these issues. Women are overwhelmed at the many demands on their time.

As the CR format goes on women gain strength and confidence as they realize they are not alone and that they, with others, can do something about their lives. Women begin to realize how ageism works in the structure of oppression and keeps them down even now when we are at the most skilled and most wise. This process builds bonds that support our actions. Now is the time for us to know our power. How can we pass this on to all old lesbians?

Members of the chapter should decide if public space is better. Both public and private spaces bring challenges. A comfortable location is what is important.

Develop an E-list for communication. Develop community contacts for outreach so that all old Lesbians can be included.

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