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The OLOC Reporter is a quarterly newsletter for members 60 or older and OLOC supporters of any age. It is sent or emailed around the first of March, June, September and December.

Look for news of OLOC at the the national, regional and chapter/group levels as well as about members, conferences,and resources helpful in developing Old Lesbian Pride and about ageism and its effects on us.

We try to keep articles to about 300 words or less. If you are interested in submitting materials, send it to info@oloc.org.



We provide online back issues of many of our newsletters. If you are interested in print copies, please contact us at oloc.org to see if any are available. The paid subscriptions by Lesbians over 60 and supporters under 60 are a big part of what keeps us alive as an organization, so please do subscribe, even if you decide to read the online newsletters on this page.

Go to the Support form for details or send your money through the PayPal Donate (right) and email us the information we ask on the Support form.

Donate by a PayPal account or a credit card. If requesting only the Reporter make a note in the memo line. Using PayPal is quick, secure and much appreciated

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If you wanted to check out a print version of the newsletter before joining, send an email to info@oloc.org with your mailing address and we will send you a sample.

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