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OLOC’s current SPOTLIGHT Members

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Arden Eversmeyer

Arden Eversmeyer


Born in 1931 in northern Wisconsin, Arden Eversmeyer was the oldest of two girls in a middle-class family. Her father was a white collar worker and her mother a school teacher. They moved to Dallas, Texas in 1943, where both girls finished high school in Highland Park. Arden went to college at Texas State College for Women (now TWU), graduating in 1951. Her graduate work was at Sam Houston University.

Arden spent thirty years in public school work. She set up and taught one of the first driver education/driver training programs in Texas near Amarillo in 1951. She moved to Houston where she taught physical education, and then her last 19 years as a secondary counselor. She retired in 1981. In 1952 she met the woman who became her life partner for 33 years.

After her partner’s death in 1985 and her own retirement, Arden began exploring community activism. During the years of integration (1960’s) she served as an officer with her Civic Club; she served 22 years as a docent with Houston Zoological Gardens; she served six years as a Mayor’s appointee from the LGBT community to the Area Agency on Aging; in 1987 she founded Lesbians Over Age Fifty (LOAF) with a continuing membership of nearly 200 lesbians between 50 and 91 years of age; she served 14 years on the OLOC Steering Committee, the last seven as Co-Director with Vera Martin; and, in 1999 Arden founded, and continues to serve as Project Director for the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project.

Arden continues to travel for the Oral Herstory Project, and lives in Houston, Texas with her partner of 23 years, Charlotte Avery.

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