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OLOC Media Library (as of 11-11-2016)

For a complete list and print version click media-library-list-11-11-16


About the Library:

OLOC is proud of our fine and growing media collection that is available for members and supporters to borrow. The Library is focused on Old Lesbians, although we do have a few selections that feature young Lesbians and/or old women who may or may not be or have been Lesbians but the films are of interest to Old Lesbians. We also have a few that include men.

Each time the list is updated, it will be posted on our website at http://oloc.org/projects/media-library/. There will also be announcements in the OLOC Reporter, available in .pdf by e-mail and in print, and in the monthly OLOC E-News.

How to Borrow or Buy Our Media:

We request a donation of $5 or more per item to cover the costs of mailing. We also ask that you keep films for no longer than two weeks. Check with Susan Wiseheart, our administrator, for possible reduced rates if you want to borrow more than one at a time.

If a film is available in VHS and DVD, please indicate which format you want.

Note that the only disks available for purchase from OLOC are those owned by OLOC in the section called OLOC Herstory. For others, search the Internet or a source such as Wolfe Video (owned and staffed by OLOC supporters), the feminist bookstores at http://oloc.org/resources/feminist-bookstores/ (for special order if necessary), or the film’s website, if it has one.

• For your own printable PDF, go to http://www.oloc.org/resources/library.php. If you are going to print and want it in color, be sure to instruct your printer to do it in color.
• To request an e-mail list, contact susan@oloc.org for the e-mail .pdf version.
• To request a print list, send Susan an SASE with postage for four ounces.
• To pay by check, make it out to OLOC and send to Susan Wiseheart, HC 73 Box 169C, Drury, MO 65638 with your order.
• To order through a PayPal account (direct transfer of funds), use the ‘donate’ button on http://oloc.org/ and write “media rental” as the ‘purpose’ on the form. Send your order to susan@oloc.org and note that you have paid by PayPal.
• To pay by credit card, use the ‘donate’ button at http://oloc.org/. Follow the instructions under the icons of the credit cards. Note that you do not need a PayPal account to use credit cards through PayPal. Another option is to phone Ruth Debra at 760-318-6794 and ask to pay with a credit card over the phone. If it is a hardship for you to pay for the call, use the OLOC toll-free number (888-706-7506) and leave a message with your phone number. There is no caller ID on the 888 number so you must speak the number. Susan will ask Ruth to phone you back.


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