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Arden Eversmeyer

Arden Eversmeyer

Do you know a Lesbian over age 70 whose life story should be told?

Each Lesbian born in the early decades of the 20th century lived through a period of time when non-heterosexual lifestyles were mostly unknown to society.  Their life experiences need to be recorded so that the struggles they experienced and the courage they exemplified will not be lost to coming generations.

Women’s stories are needed for this oral herstory project.  It is only through networking with Lesbians around the country that the project will find those individuals whose significant life stories need to be recorded.


The Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project, OLOHP, was conceived in 1996, and began gathering sotires in 1998.   Arden Eversmeyer started working with women she knew who were ill and dying in her area, Houston, Texas. She began collecting stories from friends as she traveled. And now, she and others are working to collect the life stories from Lesbians 70 and older wherever they are found and whenever they are willing to share them.

Arden was also integrally involved in OLOC, Old Lesbians Organizing for Change. She served on the OLOC Steering Committee for 14 years, 7 of those years in the capacity of Co-Director. At a meeting in October 2000, OLOC agreed to serve as a sponsor for the project, helping Arden connect with more Old Lesbians. In their role as sponsor, OLOC has assisted Arden in locating Lesbians over 70 who might be willing to be interviewed, published a variety of articles about the project and published shortened versions of some of the herstories in the OLOC newsletter. OLOC has also raised a portion of the significant amount of funding needed to do the work of the project, enabling the Project to focus more on the interviews themselves.

The OLOHP, an independent organization, greatly appreciates the ongoing support of OLOC  Both OLOC and the OLOHP are incorporated separately, and each has been granted non-profit (501c3) status.  Both organizations have for years worked tirelessly to improve the lives of old lesbians and both plan to continue doing so for years to come.More information on OLOHP can be found at http://www.olohp.org

There is an urgency inherent in the nature of the OLOHP. Each year, women whose stories the project wanted to gather slip away. Some Old Lesbians die before the Project is able to interview them; others become unable to do the interview.

The herstories of the women who lived through a unique period in time need to be preserved. The women deserve to be recognized for their experiences and contributions.

And, just as importantly, there are thousands of other Old Lesbians who need to know they are not alone.

Learn more about the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project at www.OLOHP.org.

Donations to support the Project can be made either through OLOC or the OLOHP.  To donate through OLOC, either send a check directly vis the mail, or use the Donation button on the OLOC website.  Please make note if your donation is in support of the OLOHP.  You may also donate direcctly to the OLOHP.  To find information about that, and much more about the Project, visit the following page, A Tale of Two Organizations: The OLOHP and OLOC.

For any of the above, contact: P.O. Box 980422, Houston, TX 77098,  fax 713-802-2989,  or e-mail arden@olohp.org

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A Tale of Two Organizations: OLOHP and OLOC

The Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project, (OLOHP), and Old Lesbians Organizing for Change, (OLOC), are: Unparalleled organizations working concurrently Committed to service to the community of old lesbians Efforts that have been in existence for more than fifteen years Organizations whose paths have often intersected Add to those facts that many of the same women …

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