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Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award

OLOC Media Library (as of 11-11-2016)

Oral Herstory Project

Project Visibility

Remembering Old Lesbians


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OLOC Media Library (as of 11-11-2016)

For a complete list and print version click media-library-list-11-11-16 ************************************************************************************ About the Library: OLOC is proud of our fine and growing media collection that is available for members and supporters to borrow. The Library is focused on Old Lesbians, although we do have a few selections that feature young Lesbians and/or old women who may …

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  OLOC is committed to remembering the lives of Old Lesbians. Find out how you can memorialize your Old Lesbian friends and mentors who have died. Remember: http://www.oloc.org/projects/in_remembrance.php Memorial Slide Show: http://www.oloc.org/Memorial/home.php We may have missed someone or have incomplete information or no photo. If you can help with any of these things let us know at …

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Vera Martin (1923-2012)


OLOC’s current SPOTLIGHT Members To nominate lesbians to be added to this page send your spotlight information to info@oloc.org ARDEN EVERSMEYER, 1931 – CO-DIRECTOR EMERITA – HOUSTON, TEXAS Born in 1931 in northern Wisconsin, Arden Eversmeyer was the oldest of two girls in a middle-class family. Her father was a white collar worker and her mother …

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