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Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award

OLOC Media Library (as of 11-11-2016)

Oral Herstory Project

Project Visibility

Remembering Old Lesbians


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Del Martin


OLOC announces The Del Martin Old Lesbian Pride Award, created to honor Del Martin, activist, pathfinder, and OLOC member who died at age 87 on August 27, 2008 in San Francisco, the city of her birth. It will be awarded to a Lesbian 70 years or older whose life and work has influenced and will …

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OLOC Media Library (as of 11-11-2016)

For a complete list and print version click media-library-list-11-11-16 ************************************************************************************ About the Library: OLOC is proud of our fine and growing media collection that is available for members and supporters to borrow. The Library is focused on Old Lesbians, although we do have a few selections that feature young Lesbians and/or old women who may …

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Arden Eversmeyer


ARDEN EVERSMEYER OLD LESBIAN ORAL HERSTORY PROJECT Do you know a Lesbian over age 70 whose life story should be told? Each Lesbian born in the early decades of the 20th century lived through a period of time when non-heterosexual lifestyles were mostly unknown to society.  Their life experiences need to be recorded so that the …

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  OLOC is committed to remembering the lives of Old Lesbians. Find out how you can memorialize your Old Lesbian friends and mentors who have died. Remember: http://www.oloc.org/projects/in_remembrance.php Memorial Slide Show: http://www.oloc.org/Memorial/home.php We may have missed someone or have incomplete information or no photo. If you can help with any of these things let us know atinfo@oloc.org. …

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Vera Martin (1923-2012)


OLOC’s current SPOTLIGHT Members To nominate lesbians to be added to this page send your spotlight information to info@oloc.org ARDEN EVERSMEYER, 1931 – CO-DIRECTOR EMERITA – HOUSTON, TEXAS Born in 1931 in northern Wisconsin, Arden Eversmeyer was the oldest of two girls in a middle-class family. Her father was a white collar worker and her mother …

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