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Confronts ageism – the pervasive cultural economic perspective that it is good to look young, act young, think young and it is bad to be old.

Speaks out and takes a stand to challenge ageism, racism, classism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Lesbophobia and religions intolerance.

Develops and distributes educational material to members, supporters and the wider community about issues that affect all people – especially Old Lesbians.

Provides education on ageism at conferences, forums and events.

Enables Old Lesbians without financial resources to attend our gatherings and receive our publications.

Provides a voice for Lesbians in old age as we share our stories and address the specific challenges of aging.

Supports the Old Lesbians Oral Herstory Project.

Produces a vibrant quarterly newsletter and a lively monthly e-news, maintains a web site (oloc.org) and Facebook pages.

Supports efforts for justice by taking stands on issues such as single payer health care, immigrantion rights, ending violence against women, the end of corporate personhood, #BlackLives Matter and Black Women’s Lives Matter.



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