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This photo is of the second OLOC meeting (March, 1990) held in Santa Barbara, California at Betty Shoemaker and Sylvia Dobson’s house. It was taken by Cristina Vegas, OLOC’s long-time videographer and photographer.

Picture Caption:

Standing left to right: Vera Martin (1923-2012), Betty Shoemaker, Gertrude Chasens, Ann Ramsey (b. 1926), Shaba Barnes (b. 1935), Shevy Healey (b. 1922)

Crouching left to right: Elaine Mikels (b. 1921), Rosemary Hathaway (1919-2015)

Sitting down: Barbara Kalish (b. 1929)

At the second organizing meeting of OLOC, the organization was called Old Lesbians Organizing Committee.

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